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Album: Decadence
Artist: Head Automatica
Release: August 17, 2004
Label: Warner Bros
Rating: 4 out of 5

This album took me by complete suprise. I downloaded it before it came out, but never listened to it. This past Wed. I was in The Connection, our campus music store, and they have a lot of free stuff stacked next to the register. I noticed this CD laying there and so I took it. I popped it in my CD player while I was ripping a DVD(i wasn't pirating, my damn DVD player on my comp wouldn't play it so i ripped it to my HD in an attempt to play it). I must admit its not my usual blend of music, but I liked it. There was something alluring about it.

For those that don't know Head Automatica is fronted by Daryl Palumbo, founder and singer of the Glassjaw. The reason I had never really given it much thought was that I'm not in the least a Glassjaw fan. I hate the fact that people get all wet over how great they are, when they are just mediocre at best in my opinion. But to my delight Head Automatica shares nothing in common w/ glassjaw besides Palumbo's name. Head Automatica is rounded out by Larry Gorman(Drums and also of Glassjaw), Jim Greer (keyboards), Josh Holden (bass), and Craig Bonich and Brandon Arnovick(guitars). Produced (and some songs composed) by Dan the Automator, this album is a great blend of rock guitars and dance beats. I know what you may be thinking, Dance beats? wtf?...but its not at all what you think. Or at least it was nothing like what i expected. The album is far more rock oriented than I had expected. The songs are beautifully written and composed. The closest thing to I could compare it to that is out now is Reggie and the Full Effect, but really, it sounds absolutely nothing like that. Perhaps the best description come from Palumbo himself "electonic cock-rock."

The opening track, The Speed of a Yellow Bullet, is full of energy and is a great opening track to introduce you to this phenomenal band. The rest of the album takes you on a course through, rock, funky, jazz, electonica, lounge, and punk. My favorite track would have to be track 3, Beating Heart Baby. The entire album is brilliant and deinately a quality purchase.
This album gest a solid 4 out of 5 for its continuity of awesomeness.

Verdict: Buy It Now
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