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Some Kind of Monster

Summarizing this DVD is hard to do. Any attempt doesn't do the film justice. It is most definately a film about metallica, but its also a film about the humaness of those we give a god-like characterization. Admitedly, I can't say that everyone would enjoy this movie. However that is only because I know that most people have a bad attitude about Metallica. Either b/c they think of them as "too hard" for their tastes, or satanic, or evil napster killers. All these are really bad reasons to not like Metallica, but hey what can you do. This movie is not only a good Metallica movie, but an awesome documentary. If you like documentaries its definately for you. If you like Metallica its definately for you. I would also urge people who don't like Metallica to shed their prejudices for the 2:15 minutes it takes to watch this film and just take it in from an objective stand point. The struggles that the band goes through are easy to identify with, and it gives you an idea of how fragile even the people whe think are untouchable are, even these "metal gods."
The Film was made by Bruce Sinofsky and Joe Berlinger. They are famous for their documentaries Brother's Keeper and Paradise Lost(1&2). They have a style that is all their own. They interact in someways with their subjects that is sometimes seen as a no-no to other docu-makers. An intersting thing about this project is that it was never intended to be what it is. They were hired to film some of the making of the album and then use archive footage to create a Historical promo for Metallica to be used as a sort of infomercial. Take note, this was not Metallica's descision, but the labels. As wee see in the film, the routine filming of the reording process took a turn when James Hetfield suddenly left to go into rehad, and the future of the band came into question. The filmakers stuck around during this time(b/c they had the desire to turn this into a feature film) to keep filming. What was meant to be a few weeks of filiming turned into almost two years. A project meant to be a short infomercial went to being a TV series, and the finally to a movie. Metallica ended up buying out its label's share of the recorded material in order to make it happen.
This movie shows the human side of my favorite band...a personal side which they'd never knew they had themselves. If you want to take a look into the recording process then its a great film. If you want to see the inner workings of a band its for you. If you want to see turmoil, anguish, drama, and rejoicing...then its for you. If you have a bad attitude that you can't shed for one minute to take in this movie b/c "Metallica killed napster 'cause they are greedy and their music sucks" or for whatever reason, then you not only suck, but you lack the open mindedness it takes to function in society. I dont propose that you start liking their music or even listen to it. I just know there are so many out there that are like "fuck metallica" and think this movie is "gay" because its about Metallica, etc. Not liking Metallica is only a legitamate reason for not wanting to see this film ONLY if you also don't like documentaries.
Did that hurt your feelings? I never said this was going to be an objective review site. If you don't like documentaries, then this movie most likely isn't for you unless you happen to be a Metallica fan.
I gave this movie a 4 out of 5 for keeping it real and being an all around great documentary...i didn't give it a 5 b/c i know that it won't appeal to everyone b/c some people probably can't get over the fact that they hate metallica. Docu-lovers and Metallica lovers should definately buy this...hell I would like to say even music lovers but i know there are some that can't get it out of their head that Metallica sucks(for whatever reason) and wouldn't be able to deal w/ it. For anyone else i would recomend a rental(if you too can get over hating metallica)

Rating: 4 out of 5
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