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First Post

I am creating this LJ Community in order to Post reviews and thoughts on new albums, artists, and shows. I realize this idea is not very original, but I wanted to get the news out about bands that I like, and bands that I feel no one should ever listen to. So I've decided to devote some of my new found free time to doing this. I don't really expect anyone but the few people that I know on LJ to ever join this community or check it out, but even then, its still worth it to me. I'll decide in the next few days a rating system, and other details and then post that later. In the meantime I'm gonna post some CD's that I feel everyone should check out(old and new).

Phantom Planet - Negatives favorite Phan Plan album to date.
Bright Eyes - Digital Ash in a Digital Urn, and I'm Wide Awake Its Morning, two great albums, even if you don't like Bright Eyes i'd suggest checking them out.
VA - Policia: A Tribute to the Police
Anything Modest Mouse
The Killer - Hot Fuss
Cursive - The Ugly Organ

that's not everything but I've gotta pee, so I'm gonna do that and head to class...have a lovely day.
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