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Read Music, Speak Spanish

Artist: Desaparecidos
Title: Read Music, Speak Spanish
Release: February 19, 2002
Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5

This CD may have come out 3 years ago, but I still feel it is one of the best CD's out right now. Its one of the best indie rock albums ever. Bright Eyes is quick becoming a houshold name as is the sole member of Bright Eyes, Conor Oberst. Yet, there are a great many who have yet to hear of his other project, Desparecidos. Desa, is comprised of Oberst(vocals/guitar), Denver Dalley(guitar), Casey Scott(bass), Ian McElroy(keyboard), Matt Baum(drums). Ian and Matt are both memebers of the Bright Eyes touring band. Denver Dalley is also a member of hte STATISTICS. Together they all form an amazing combination. If you aren't a fan of Bright Eyes, don't imediately tune this band out. They are something wholy separate. An indie rock band at its finest.
Its extremely hard to pick out key tracks on this disc, but I'll make an attempt. My favorite two tracks, are track number 3, Greater Omaha, and track 4 Man And Wife, The Latter (Damaged Goods). These two tracks exhibit the greatness of the band. The CD is just jam packed with amazing music. I have awaited the arrival of a follow up for some time, but with the rising popularity of Bright Eyes it seems as though it would be far off. Rumors have it that they could record some time this year, which would thrill me to death. Other key tracks include, Track 1 - Man And Wife, The Former (Financial Planning), track 5 - Mall Of America, and Track 8 $$$$. All the songs are very socio-political in nature, so if you are into lyrics, but not into that sort of thing you might wanna look somewhere else for good music.
All in all Read Music, Speak Spanish is one of the best indie rock albums you will ever hear and i definately recomend buying it, or at least downloading it for you enjoyment immediately. I gave it a 4 1/2 b/c i do skip one or two tracks from time to time, and the band has yet to realease a second album. Otherwise I would give this a wholehearted 5 out of 5.

Verdict: Cop it Now.
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